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About the Art

Inspired by geometry from the Islamic world and abstract art from the West, artbyamt represents cohesion and unity of cultures, values and differences. The process of creating the art allows time and space for being mindful and present while exploring the therapeutic benefits of art.


About the Artist


Asif Timol is a British-Asian lawyer/artist based in Lancashire, England.

After a long hiatus from art, Asif’s passion was reignited when he found solace in art as a means of therapy. He is grateful to his wife and young daughters for reminding him of his love of art and for introducing him to its meditative and mindful benefits. 


As a Muslim, his fascination with Islamic geometric design stems from the need to explore and understand the meaning and complexities of life hidden within the underlying structures. 


His 'day job' as a lawyer and the demands and pressures of the corporate world that come with it, have failed to stifle his creativity despite juggling a myriad of roles and responsibilities.


He combines mixed media, fluid and abstract art with the precision of geometric design hoping to represent the polarity of the lives we lead - being guided while finding our own way.    


Asif’s work is the product of contemplation and self-reflection: an expression of cultural and mental cohesion,  exploring the positive and the negative, the rigid and the fluid.

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